2001 Model MTGHSA

48" Deck, 26HP

2400 hours


1997 Model MTGHS

48" Side Discharge Deck, 20HP

1106 hours


The Right Reasons

The Walker Mower was designed to meet a need, not to fill a market. No focus groups or market surveys were conducted. Simply put, Walker Mowers are built to mow landscaped properties efficiently while leaving a gentle footprint and beautifully cut turf behind. Walker Mowers are known worldwide as a leader in the power equipment industry.

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Serving the Sandhills Since 1961

 Sandhill Oil Co.



353 hours


2009 Model MTGHSA

52" Deck, Power Dump, 23HP

374 hours


2005 Model MBSD

48" Side Discharge Deck, 18HP

218.5 hours


2015 Model MH27I-16

52" Rear Discharge Deck, 27HP, 

2.2 hours